truth® Tour Rider Application

The best road trip you’ll ever get paid to go on.

The Gig An Overview

People having a wonderful time.

Every year, truth® hires 14-18 outgoing people (ahem, like you) to hit the road on tours like Vans Warped Tour: and Mayhem Festival, while also dropping in on the hottest theme parks, sports and music events across the nation. truth® is giving you the chance to apply for the coolest, most challenging, but rewarding, summer job ever. Get ready to dance, laugh, play games, and be creative, while giving out some facts about Big Tobacco, and encouragement along the way. Let's be clear – it’s not all fun and… well… games. You’ll be living on a tour bus with 8 other people before, after and during long days of hard work, all while talking to more people than you have your entire life (you’d be surprised how tiring talking can be). Rain or shine, we need the best of the best. Still interested and think you’re up for the challenge? You’re half way there.

Applicants must be:

  • 21 years of age or older.
  • Responsible.
  • Able to travel from the beginning of June through end of August.
  • Able to get along with other riders (you know, the other cool people like yourself that you’ll be working and living with) – not a team player? This may not be for you.
  • Comfortable in front of a crowd.
  • Entertaining, creative, trend-setting maven, and passionate about issues you believe in
  • Able to problem solve and think on your feet
  • Able to endure heavy lifting
  • Able to work long hours in summer conditions
  • …And be able to stomach the idea of living on the road (in a tightly packed tour bus) for months on end, working long, hot, difficult days, all in the name of sharing lifesaving information about the harmful effects of tobacco use and the industry’s manipulative marketing practices…

And yes, if you are selected, you will get paid. Signing bonus? Eh, no. But you’ll also get to wear some new truth gear and will be provided full board and accommodations on a tour bus (or in a hotel during off days).

So What Is Truth?

truth® is a quality provider of facts and information. It’s about having all the information you need to make your own choices. It’s about taking control and not becoming just another faceless dollar in the eyes of the Big Tobacco corporations. It’s about five letters long and two of them are the same. You know this already, or you wouldn’t be here. Check out for more.

The Process How To Apply

More people having a wonderful time.

To become a truth® Tour Rider you’ll need to do all of the following –

  • Create a video no longer than 3 minutes to help us get to know you better, and show us how special, creative, and talented you really are. Provide a link to your video submission from Vimeo, YouTube, or wherever you have it hosted - be sure it’s a complete and working URL.
  • Fill out your contact information, attach a creative image of yourself, and provide at least 3 professional references.
  • Complete the questionnaire below to give us some additional insight into YOU. Extra points for providing thoughtful, and even funny answers – we read A LOT of these, convince us you want this more than the next person.
  • Submit your full application – Video via link, contact information, image of yourself, references, and questionnaire.
  • Mark these dates on your calendar. Or with a marker on your hand. Or somewhere. 1) Video & Questionnaire Submission FINAL Deadline: end of day April 9*. 2) Final Interviews** in New York, NY May 12-14.

* We've loved the applications we've recieved so much that we want to see more! If you've already submitted, you'll be hearing from us soon!

** You provide your own lodging and transportation for the trip. Additional details provided by email.

So what should you do right now? Get started creating your video. Prove to us that you deserve this job.

  • Plan for the whole video process to take no more than one (1) hour.
  • Be sure the finished video is entertaining, but not exceeding three (3) minutes.
  • Post it on a video hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Then, submit it below with the rest of the questionnaire. PLEASE TEST YOUR LINK BEFORE SUBMITTING!!

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so early submission is ENCOURAGED. Notice the all caps there for effect? Yeah. What are we looking for in this video? Keep reading.

The Video Tell Us About Yourself

It's getting pretty wild outside of the truth van.

We're trying to understand you better. We want to take a peek into your life and your environment. So, show us how special you really are. Help us learn about what's important in your life and what interests you. Do you have a talent? Show us. No, really, show us! Below is a list of talents we are looking for in our team members. Your video is where you show us these talents. What are you waiting for?

The Dos

Aside from being yourself, here are a few tips to make this assignment a little easier: Plan what you’re going to say/do. Think about your passions. Embrace your inner weirdo. Then film it. Stay in the center of the screen (unless you’re showing off some skills). Speak loudly. Avoid background noise. Mistakes are cool, we’re human too. We don’t expect it to look Hollywood. And most importantly, BE CREATIVE.

Unique skills we wanna know about:

  • Bilingual speakers.
  • Theatre/acting stars, comedians, or role-playing enthusiasts.
  • Photographers, videographers, street artists, budding directors.
  • Athletes, actors, musicians, DJs, journalists, writers.
  • Fashionistas, DIY Gurus, or people with the ability to grant magical wishes.

The Don’ts

If you want to avoid having your submission disqualified, here are three simple rules. Don’t be inappropriate. Don’t use profanity. Don’t be offensive. You are applying for a job, right? While we don’t want to censor creativity, we don’t need to see anyone naked or listen to f-bombs either.

  • Includes you naked, any of your friends naked, or anything naked in sight of the camera.
  • Is anything bleeped on TV. We wanna assume you kiss your mother with that mouth.
  • Is, well … if you’re right for the job we don’t have to tell you. Just keep it clean, okay?

Conversation Cues

We’re sure you don’t need any help in showing off yourself in a creative way. And you definitely do not have to answer these questions. But if you get stuck, they could be used as content to get you started. For bigger questions, email us at

  1. What three words best describe your personality/style?
  2. Who inspires you (real or fictitious)? How and/or why?
  3. Show us something that describes who you are. How does it fit you?
  4. What does originality mean to you?
  5. Are you original? Why? Prove it.
  6. How would you describe diversity?
  7. What do you do to stay ahead of the curve or different than everyone else?
  8. What brands are your favorites and why?
  9. What skills or talents do you have that you like to show off? Give us 20 seconds.
  10. What are your greatest passions? Why?
  11. Tell us about physically and otherwise (emotionally, mentally, etc.) hardest jobs you have ever had. Why were they so hard?